Migration to Hugo

This site has been migrated from WordPress to Hugo. This will make it easier to maintain (for me) and less vulnerable. It will also be much much faster (Hugo is pitched as “The world’s fastest framework for building websites”), since it serves static files only via the webserver, and build time is of the order of seconds only (latest rebuilt took 399 mS on my aging server), and it can easily be managed via git and a CI/CD framework....

July 30, 2023

Disk crash…

I guess it is inevitable… hard disks crashes from time to time. Mine did at least, and it isn’t even the first crash that has happened on me. So… restoration from backups and from Google’s cache is ongoing. If you’re looking for something that should have been here or at www.citykirken.dk, you may be right: It probably should have been. But if it isn’t, I may still be working to recover it, or I may have forgotten to restore it — or have lost it totally....

April 13, 2007 · Per

New Photo Gallery

I’m in the process of moving the photo gallery to another structure, which should be easier for me to maintain. No more photos will be added to the old gallery; all new photos will be installed in the new gallery only. The new link is here: All photos or Best Of.

January 2, 2007 · Per

What you find here

Welcome to Per’s Page! This page has been around for ages, and mostly has served the purpose as an entry to photos and stuff here on my server. I’ve now decided to move it under wordpress to make it easier to maintain. Here are some links to what you can find here: Bækgaard Family’s trip to New Zealand, 2004-2005 All online pictures, incl. assignments. Selected pictures (sort “Best Of” Gallery)

January 1, 2007 · Per