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HDHomeRun and MythTV 0.25

• Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

After having run the previous version of MythTV for a couple of years without any significant issues, I upgraded to MythTV 0.25.

That broke a few thing, one of which I initially didn’t want to spend time on fixing for now: My existing grabber card sometimes locked up when starting a recording, preventing the box from shutting down, and it didn’t record any of the scheduled recordings either. I thought this could be related to a bug in an updated driver, so I decided to test out a HDHomeRun setup instead. As for saving time, that turned out to be a bad idea! But in terms of getting to a working solution, it looks as if I eventually got to a working solution… read on below.


WordPress on lighttpd with pretty permalinks

• Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Even though wordpress runs very well on lighttpd (lightty), information on how to set this up is quite scattered around the net. On top, most of the explanations refer to one another, and only a few have proper explanations on what is going on — even though many are very helpful and may even work in some/many cases.

One otherwise good write-up is the one done by Joe Crobak, but I think it is not fully correct as it suggests the two alternative methods below to be used in parallel (which is not really be needed).

My take on this (which could also be incorrect… so I advice the reader to dig into the details of this before deploying it) is as follows:


MythTV på en Asrock ION platform

• Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Jeg har lavet en vejledning til at sætte en MythTV platform op på en Asrock ION platform, som du kan finde under IT notes. Kommentarer kan gives her i forbindelse med denne post, eller du kan mail’e mig direkte. [really_simple_share]